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Yassi Mazandi creates works that are visually engrossing, intricate, and mysterious. They seem simultaneously ancient and futuristic, mechanical and natural – equally referencing toothy cogs, skeletons, and the geometric patterning of some ancient civilization. These complex forms initially were divined from thrown ceramic vessels, with manual cuts and bends in the pliable material resulting in rhythmic objects –fragile but potent ceremonial vessels. They are often presented monochromatically, emphasizing the organic and elemental and clarifying the complex forms. While the patterns are based on mathematical principles, they are not simply systematic as the hand of the artist always intervenes, pulling, carving, finishing and layering.


Titled alternately Impellers and Flowers, these elemental shapes have increased in scale and complexity over the years. They have evolved from recognizable vessels to objects displayed on vertical stands, cementing their status as sculpture Yassi now is exploring different valences of these shapes – exploring their transformation in a wide variety of materials and scales. The permanence and historical resonance of bronze and stone as materials expand the context for these pieces. For her current project, a large-scale impeller nearly a meter across, she is working closely with a fabricator in Italy on development of new process to create a stone polymer print which will be finished by hand and displayed in an outdoor setting. This new work will be an environmental experience, placing both our bodies and the surrounding architecture in dialogue with these insistent forms. Ultimately, Yassi sees these forms expanding to monumental scale, referencing the geological.

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